2023-24 AAI Board Directors – Atheist Alliance International

AAI Board Elections 2023

Ten directors have been elected to the Atheist Alliance International Board by AAI affiliate Members. Mr. Amardeo Sharma, former president of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations, served as the returning officer for the election.

The newly elected directors are as follows: August Berkshire (USA), Fotis Frangopoulos (Greece), Hugo Daniel Estrella Tampieri (Argentina/Italy), Avi-Yona Israel (USA), Jason Sylvester (Canada), Ebuka Ikeorah (Nigeria), Tonoy Emroz Alam (Germany/Bangladesh), Stella Thomas (Australia), Alfonso Ugarte Johnson (Bolivia), and Brian Kernick (Canada).

Brian Kernick, who was elected as the North American director, submitted his resignation to the AGM citing recent developments in his circumstances. The AGM was informed that Christine Shellska (Canada) would be a suitable replacement for the role.
Christine Shellska has been appointed to the North American Director role under Section 51 of the bylaws.

Election of the Officers and At Large portfolios distribution

The following Directors were elected as officers by the members of the board:

  • Tonoy Emroz Alam (President)
  • August Berkshire (Vice President)
  • Fotis Frangopoulos (Secretary/Treasurer)

The Board of Directors also distributed portfolios for the At Large directors.

  • Hugo Daniel Estrella Tampieri (Advocacy)
  • Avi-Yona Israel (Development)
  • Jason Sylvester (Digital Media)


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