A trailer full of Bible purposefully burnt in front of Greg Locke’s church in Tennessee

Trailer of burnt Bibles in front of Global Vision Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee
Credit: Greg Locke

An estimated 200 Bibles were destroyed after an individual purposefully set fire to them in front of a church on Easter Sunday, Fox News reports.

The Bibles were in a trailer found in an intersection in front of Global Vision Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. The church is pastored by Greg Locke.

The whole incident was caught on the Church’s security cameras.

But what was particularly strange is that the Bibles had been brought to the church in the trailer by the man, who then parked it and set it on fire.

A woman who had driven through the night to attend the service arrived shortly after the fire had been set and immediately reported it.

It is uncertain what the motive was for the fire, but undoubtedly it was intended to intimidate Locke and those who attended his church.

It is also possible, that the Bible burning is connected to two recent events that Locke has been involved with.

It may be related to a book burning that Locke organized at his church in 2022, where people brought books and regalia associated with the occult, satanism, and witchcraft and set them on fire.

Then in 2023, Locke helped produce a documentary entitled, Come Out in Jesus Name, that was played in theaters across America. The film focussed on people being delivered from the demonic. According to reports, deliverances were actually taking place during the screening of the film.

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