Apple plans to work with Google’s Gemini, other AI models

Apple isn’t done incorporating other companies’ AI models into its products.

That’s according to Craig Federighi, anyway. The senior VP of software engineering at Apple confirmed (via TechCrunch) at WWDC that Google Gemini will eventually be folded into the “Apple Intelligence” suite of AI features. Federighi wasn’t specific about what that meant or when it would happen, but one can reasonably assume it would work similarly to how the newly announced ChatGPT integration will work later this year.


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“We’re looking forward to doing integrations with other models, including Google Gemini, for instance, in the future,” Federighi said.

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In case you don’t know, the newly AI-enhanced Siri will optionally prompt users to go to ChatGPT (without needing to log in with an account) if Siri feels like ChatGPT can better respond to a prompt than it can. Theoretically, Google Gemini integration would work the same way, but we can’t say anything definitively right now based on a quick tease from Federighi.

As a reminder, you need an iPhone 15 Pro (or newer), or an iPad or MacBook with at least an M1 chip to use any of these features, so a majority of people won’t have access to them when they launch later this year.

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