Asteroids are still zooming by Earth, the latest was 2013 NK4

Artist rending of an asteroid
Credit: NASA/Wikipedia/Public Domain

An asteroid big enough to destroy a large city zoomed by Earth yesterday, and astronomers suggest it will be close enough for people with backyard telescopes to see it over the next couple of days, Live Science reports.

With the catchy name of 2013 NK4, the asteroid is 2,000 feet (0.61 km) wide and traveling at 37,000 mph (ca. 59,546 km/h).

Though, it was first discovered in 2013, the asteroid has probably, unknowingly, been spinning by Earth for several decades. This is the first time, since its discovery, that it has been close enough for people to see it using telescopes.

While its elliptical orbit takes it around the sun every 378 days, computer simulations calculate that it will likely never be a threat to hit Earth.

Though it was only 2 million miles out when it passed Earth on Monday, it is expected to make a closer approach in 2055 when it will be only 1.3 million miles out, or six times closer than our moon.

In the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John saw three instances of stars hitting Earth in his vision of the events that would take place in the end times.

Now, it is also possible that John was seeing nuclear attacks. With his limited first-century vocabulary, star was the only word he had to describe a ballistic missile, that leaves the Earth’s atmosphere before re-entering in a blaze of fire and unleashing its nuclear payload.

Here are John’s three references to stars:

  • Revelation 6:12-13: Multiple stars hit the earth, similar to figs hitting the ground after a mighty wind has shaken a tree.
  • Revelation 8:8: A star the size of a blazing mountain smashes into one of the world’s oceans, turning a third of it into blood. (By its size, it’s undoubtedly an asteroid.)
  • Revelation 8:10-11: A star called wormwood, which is similar to a blazing torch (missile-shaped and the front is on fire), slams into the earth, contaminating the ground with wormwood, and causing people who drink the infected water to die. (Uncanny description of a nuclear ballistic missile.)

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