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Lawrence Krauss is a renowned theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, celebrated for his contributions to understanding the universe’s fundamental workings. His research spans topics like particle physics, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. Krauss authored bestselling books including “The Physics of Star Trek” and “A Universe from Nothing,” elucidating complex scientific concepts for a wider audience. He’s a passionate advocate for science literacy and secularism, engaging in public discourse on controversial topics. Krauss’ captivating lectures and media appearances have made him a leading figure in popularizing science, inspiring countless individuals to delve into the wonders of the cosmos.

Nina Sankari is a Polish activist and advocate for secularism, women’s rights, and social justice. She has been a prominent figure in campaigns against discrimination and violence targeting women, working with organizations such as the Polish Women’s Strike. Sankari is dedicated to advancing gender equality and empowering marginalized communities. In 2018 she was recognized by Gazeta Wyborcza as one of the 50 bold women of 2018 who are changing the world for the better. She is the Editor In Chief at Przeglad Ateistyczny (Atheist Review), and Co-founder and vice-president of the Foundation. Kazimierza Łyszczyńsk.

Toni Van Pelt is a dedicated feminist activist, recognized for her tireless advocacy in the fight for gender equality and reproductive justice. As the former president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), she spearheaded initiatives addressing discrimination, healthcare access, and violence against women. Van Pelt’s leadership emphasized intersectionality, ensuring marginalized voices were heard within feminist movements. Toni is co-founder, president, and public policy director for the Institute for Science and Human Values and former vice president and public policy director of the Center for Inquiry.

August Berkshire has been an atheist activist since 1984 when he co-founded the modern atheist movement in Minnesota with the Twin Cities Chapter of American Atheists [Minneapolis / St. Paul], which became Minnesota Atheists in 1991. In the United States, he has served on the national boards of directors of American Atheists and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). Internationally, he was a past vice president of Atheist Alliance International (AAI) before they split with Atheist Alliance of America, and, as of 2023, is vice president of Atheist Alliance International (AAI) again. He is the author of numerous pamphlets, and presentations such as “Atheism: A View of the World from the Ground Up” and “27 Reasons God-Belief is Dying”. He has been speaking about atheism to public and Christian high schools and universities for over 20 years.

John Richards is a retired Science teacher and former minor politician who has turned into an atheist activist. He served on the board of Atheist Alliance International and is currently the president of Atheism UK. He hosts Freethought Hour, a YouTube show dedicated to the atheist cause. He is a former editor of the Secular World Magazine. He organizes public events, in conjunction with The Origins Project. Recent initiatives include commissioning a statue to celebrate the attaining of a majority of non-believers in the UK.

Thomas Sheedy is the President and Founder of Atheists for Liberty. His insights have been sought by prominent media outlets like Vanity Fair, and his name has been referenced on platforms such as The Joe Rogan Experience. Through numerous appearances on shows, blogs, and podcasts, Sheedy has solidified his position as a leading advocate for atheist activism. Drawing from his background in public policy, he specializes in the burgeoning demographic of atheism and staunchly supports the separation of religion and government, as well as religious freedom.

Amir Schnabel works in the High-Tech industry and he is a secular activist and the president of the Israeli Atheist Association. He is a member of the High-Tech Protest movement’s leadership that advocates for freedom and democracy. Amir’s insights have been sought by prominent Israeli media outlets such as Haaretz, Times of Israel, and Democrat TV.

Hugo Estrella is a Journalist and Professor specializing in Conflict Management and Peace Studies. With a lifelong dedication to peace, human rights, and secularism, Estrella is the Founder of the Argentine Secular Humanist Association. He has established and chaired the International S/Y Pugwash, affiliated with the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Pugwash Conferences. Estrella is an accomplished author, contributing numerous articles and papers on topics such as peace, disarmament, the social responsibility of scientists, and secular ethics. His thesis, “Religious Dimension of Nazifascism” (2009), delves into the connection between religion and authoritarianism. Hugo currently serves as the Advocacy Director at AAI.

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