BABYMONSTER makes their long-awaited debut with ‘Batter Up’

Article: “BaeMon’s ‘Batter up’?”

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  1. [+87, -10] Honestly, it feels like an idol song from a small-medium agency.
  2. [+61, -5] A female ‘Treasure’
  3. [+59, -1] Blackpink’s ‘Whistle’ came out in 2016 but listening to it now, it still sounds sophisticated. BaeMon’s song was released in 2023 but it feels outdated already.
  4. [+45, -2] Looks like Ahyeon’s absence was a huge blow to the group.
  5. [+30, -6] From the minute I heard it, I thought aside from the fact that the song is good, it’s very YG. The rap was really good and easy to digest. But it really feels like there’s a big empty void without Ahyeon. Every time I saw it I kept thinking.. “ah, if only Ahyeon was there.. the quality would’ve been top tier..”
  6. [+22, -1] Someone needs to tell YG that everything would be perfect if Yang Hyun Suk is left out! If they hadn’t ignored all their scandals and changed his title to executive producer they would’ve seen good results but the quality seems to have fallen further. Before he touched it, Treasure’s Hello was good quality, BaeMon’s ‘Dream’ was good too. Honestly, I like Treasure’s songs better. It’s clear no YG employee can tell Yang Hyun Suk anything only fans can get to him. 
  7. [+21, -1] Without Ahyeon, it’s more empty than I thought. The members have visuals and all but.. the song if f*cking sh**.
  8. [+12, -0] He’s no longer the YG he was in the 2NE1 Blackpink days..  he’s slowly falling apart since his days with iKON.
  9. [+11, -5] Wow, everyone’s reaction is bad..? I really liked it!! It doesn’t have the same feel as the 4th gen kids these days.. the raps are f*cking explosive.
  10. [+11, -0] I can tell the kids have talents but the singing here isn’t that great.. YG’s quality really dropped drastically after losing Teddy..
  11. [+9, -0] The main body of YG is Teddy..
  12. [+9, -15] But everyone reacted poorly to Blackpink’s debut song tooㅋㅋㅋ was like this with Blackpink too.  

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