BABYMONSTER shakes up the K-pop industry with “real talents” in ‘SHEESH’ debut + compared with BLACKPINK

Article: “How about Baby Monster’s ‘SHEESH’?”

Source: Pann

  1. [+142, -104] “Is it an easy listening song? trendy? we don’t need that, we’re YGㅋㅋ^^ “.. feels like they’re saying thatㅋㅋ. I think its good that they went with hip hop with a sense of purpose. 
  2. [+113, -81] It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to such a good song, and the kids are all freaking talented too. The house next door has decent songs but the skill level is a bit.. so it’s unpleasant listening to their songs. 
  3. [+108, -70] I welcome this.. it’s been a while since we’ve seen an idol with such a badass rap concept since Blackpink
  4. [+107, -53] Unlike Batter up which sucked this is really good.. it’s a song with YG vibe..
  5. [+82, -31] They have that rookie spirit and energy
  6. [+74, -3] The comments are really going viral ㅋㅋ
  7. [+54, -33] I knew they wouldn’t go for the easy listening trend so I didn’t expect much from the song. It was different and not obvious in a good way. Really looking forward to the stage performance. 
  8. [+52, -26] Jung Ahyeon is so pretty ~ 
  9. [+51, -8] They have the same speaking style as Blackpink?
  10. [+43, -29] I was getting tired of the easy listening trend so I really liked this. Wasn’t a fan of Batter Up but this song is so addicting.. 
  11. [+41, -15] Ah, can’t wait for the stage!! The raps are seriously so good!
  12. [+39, -30] A real singer has come out.. singing skills are so YG!
  13. [+36, -11] I didn’t have a lot of expectations but it turned out really good! Why did they release the teasers like that?? I really like the song gifted by Charlie Puth too, make sure you listen to it!
  14. [+32, -2] I’m a huge fan. On their debut stage, I hope they come out with hand mics and perform live ㅋㅋ. I hope they can change the trend that idol lip-sync is a normal thing.
  15. [+29, -4] A real dok2.. they don’t follow trends but create them. 
  16. [+21, -1] Wow.. the visuals and rap are so my style.
  17. [+10, -0] The group feels alive now that Ahyeon is back.. I really liked this.. 

Additional source: Pann

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