Best ergonomic office chairs for home from budget to professional

Best for: Work, rest and play

On the May 6 2023, the entire world kneeled in sombre awe as it bore witness to a once-in-a-lifetime event wherein a wealth of ancient traditions not seen since the last millennium were played out in the sacred and most regal ceremony of crowning our new king. And as the coronation approached its climax and Charles took his place upon the historic throne of King Edward I in the hallowed hall of Westminster Abbey, one thing ran through my mind: blimey, that looks uncomfortable.

Indeed, not every chair, even those commissioned by a king for the coronation of kings are actually fit for a king; especially when it comes to comfort and avoiding curvature of the spine. You see, as a prolific posterior propper, driving a desk all day to keep you informed with my award-breaking reviews, I know a lot about sitting properly and the problems that can come of poor posture. Which is why I was delighted of late to savour the spine-saving delights of the EP200 from Manchester-based Boulies.

Decidedly good-looking with a slimline silhouette, the EP200 features a breathable mesh design that allows for airflow, keeping you cool in the summer and able to avoid the horror of suddenly tearing sticky skin from hot leather (or, worse, faux leather) seats, and flexes to fit you in all ways, bending over backwards like a Chinese State Circus contortionist.

How does it do that? Well, with a seat, back, head rest/neck pillow and arms that can all be independently adjusted to suit the way you sit, you can change seat depth, chair height and whether you want to recline and relax or sit bolt upright to work with full – and also adjustable – lumbar support to suit however oddly misshaped or proportioned your body may be, that’s how.

It’s also quick and easy to do all that fiddling too, thanks to two levers attached to the seat and a knob on the back that lets you jack-up or jack-down the lumbar support, thus – amusing only myself maybe – allowing me to label it a ‘lumbarjack’.

Solidly constructed (as long as you follow the assembly instructions properly, obviously) and resting on a five castor steel wheel base, the Boulies EP200 is an office chair and a half, as good for keeping you in the perfect position as the work hour drag interminably by as it is for sneaking in a nice nap when nobody is looking.

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