BTS fans line up funeral wreaths in front of HYBE building + incident hits national news

Article“BTS ARMY exploded. The situation in front of HYBE right now.”

Source: Pann

ARMYs gathered tens of millions of won in just a few hours to proceed. They already hated HYBE but exploded over this incident.

  1. [+438, -36] Isn’t this a fandom that originally didn’t show things like this? They must’ve gone through a lot of trouble to prepare something like this?
  2. [+429, -12] I honestly think the issue is that BTS is bulletproof in this fight with Min Hee-jin
  3. [+386, -18] Wow, ARMYs must be really upset. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do something like that.
  4. [+352, -9] From HYBE’s point of view, putting out an ad in a major daily newspaper like that is quite a blow for them. I knew they were doing things like this two years ago but they deserve it for mentioning their artists like that in a management dispute.
  5. [+329, -7] I’m not ARMY but saying, “If necessary, BTS can take bullets when the situation is disadvantageous“.. That’s too aggressive?
  6. [+91, -81] Hit them with bans! They’re the industry’s #1 most incompetent agency! Go ahead and file complaint, stop using the kids as shields!!
  7. [+173, -3] Ah they really sent funeral wreaths.. this is too much of a kill shot ㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+148, -2] Let me say this again: ARMY’s are the ones who hate Bang Si-hyuk the most! There are a lot of ARMYs who hate Min Hee-jin too for involving Bangtan but ARMYs have hated Bang Si-hyuk for a long time. Bang Si-hyuk, Yoon Seok-jun, and Park Ji-won. 
  9. [+122, -7] Even if other fans see it, it was worth sending it honestly. The company is at fault but the title of the articles keep making it seem like BTS did something wrong. I’m not a fan of them but they deserve the criticismㅋㅋㅋ!  
  10. [+62, -0] The only way to survive is if all the executives step down including Bang Si-hyuk himself!

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