BTS V-Jennie rumors surface after sudden “break up” prior to enlistment

Article: Silent on ‘dating rumors’… What happened with Jennie ahead of BTS V’s enlistment?

Source: Seoul Economic Daily

BTS V and Blackpink Jennie have reportedly broken up.

According to music industry insiders on the 6th, V and Jennie ended their romantic relationship. Dating rumors between the two first arose last year when the two were spotted together somewhere on Jeju Island. Afterwards, last May, they became a hot topic once again when they were caught dating in Paris.

Their agencies, Big Hit and YG Entertainment, have not released an official statement regarding their dating rumors.

Meanwhile, V enlisted in the Capital Defense Command on the the 11th and Jennie renewed her idol contract with YG for Blackpink’s group activities.

  1. [+1,031, -12] When a young man and woman date, they might break up. Does he have to make a statement?
  2. [+531, -57] The man is prettier.. daebak
  3. [+458, -22] So what should he have done gijanim??!
  4. [+549, -271] What’s Jennie going to do now.. pestering one man after another..  jumping from this guy to the next..
  5. [+89, -8] Such a waste of the man’s visuals..
  6. [+53, -1] I could care less about them either but when articles like this get put out, only the singles are leaving comments.. when a man and woman date, they might break up, choose to meet other people etc.. I don’t get it. What’s the point of making one person out to be cheap or inferior.. so those people aren’t allowed to date?
  7. [+47, -7] V’s choice was right.. he’s not a match with her SEA looksㅎㅎㅎ
  8. [+40, -11] No one knows if these are just rumors or true but Jennie’s love for men is seriously too much for someone her age.. and an idol at that. 
  9. [+35, -9] Jennie-ya.. how many men is this now? 
  10. [+25, -4] Jennie’s not the type to truly love a man like V.. she has too much history with men.. 
  11. [+21, -2] What a waste for someone with V’s characterㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  12. [+17, -2] Jennie is quite the connoisseur of men..  
  13. [+15, -4] Jennie likes too many men.. 
  14. [+13, -8] Probably got tired of her antics.. 
  15. [+8, -2] He started dating Jennie from IG.. it was inevitable that it wasn’t going to last.. 
  16. [+7, -0] Poor GD.. I hope he finds peace as time passes.. 

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