Canada: Is the Chinese Communist Party interfering in Canadian Elections?

Communist China National Congress
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According to CSIS, which is Canada’s intelligence agency, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been actively interfering in Canadian elections.

The following series of headlines and quotes are from Blacklock’s Reporter. Though the articles are behind paywalls, the introductory paragraphs provide disturbing details:

Communist Party agents worked to elect “pro-China” candidates to the current Parliament, CSIS director David Vigneault yesterday testified at the Commission on Foreign Interference. ‘I support those conclusions,’ said Vigneault as documents pointed to large cash payments for unnamed public office holders: ‘As you can imagine, we are not at liberty to discuss the specifics.‘”

And again….

Police have opened a criminal investigation into 2021 election interference by foreign agents, RCMP Commissioner Michael Duheme said yesterday. Testifying at the China inquiry, Duheme would not discuss details: ‘We received information that prompted us to open an investigation.‘”

And again…

Suspicions a Chinese agent was planted at a 2021 election meeting to heckle Conservative MP Michael Chong (Wellington-Halton Hills, Ont.) are ‘compelling’ but unprovable, say police. ‘I slowly came to the realization many months afterwards that event may have been a foreign interference threat activity,’ MP Chong testified at the China inquiry.”

And again…

Yves Côté, now-retired Elections Commissioner, yesterday acknowledged dismissing complaints that Chinese agents were targeting Conservative Party voters in the 2021 campaign. ‘There is no duty to investigate everything,’ Côté testified at the China inquiry.

And again…

A former Conservative MP named as a target of Chinese Communist Party agents in the 2021 campaign yesterday said he felt like Canadian election monitors left him to drown. ‘The government doesn’t seem to care,’ Kenny Chiu testified at the China inquiry.

Aside from the allegations that the CCP helped Trudeau get elected in the last federal election, the following video may help explain why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is basically ignoring the interference:

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