Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau goes Orwellian and wants to punish wrong-thinking

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is preparing to go completely Orwellian, the New York Post writes.

Under legislation before the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau wants to be able to sentence people for thinking wrong thoughts.

This is from a man who holds absolute power in that country while only having the support of slightly over 30% of the people. In other words, in the last federal election, 70% of Canadians stated by their vote that they did not want Trudeau to be their Prime Minister.

However, with the political support of the New Democratic Party, Trudeau has the power to rule Canada with an iron fist.

The New York Post Editorial Board provides more details:

The country that brought you debanking protesters and government-assisted suicide for the poor now wants to criminalize speech to lock up people for life and to put wrongthinkers under house arrest if the state sees a chance they will commit a crime. 

Doesn’t get more Orwellian than that

The chillingly titled Online Harms Act was introduced in February by Justice Minister Arif Virani.

Virani (like most of the modern left) couched his effort to strip citizens of their freedom in the language of safety, comparing it to a product regulation for toys. 

Utter dishonesty: If passed, the law will endow Ottawa with powers that would make Big Brother jealous.

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