Canada: RCMP seizing cheap government-supplied safe drugs during arrests of drug dealers

Hydroxychloroquine tablets
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The British Columbia government, a province in Canada, has decided that the best way to combat the drug crisis in that province was by supplying users with safe drugs through its ‘Safer Opioid Supply’ program.

So how has that been working out?

There have been numerous reports of how users are picking up their supply of safe drugs, such as hydromorphone, and selling or trading them to drug dealers for harder drugs on the sidewalk in front of pharmacies.

The dealers in turn sell these so-called safe Opioids. Ads are even turning up on popular websites offering them for sale under the new slang name ‘dillies.’

The National Post recently reported that with a provincial election around the corner, some believe the RCMP is censoring drug busts if government-supplied safe drugs are part of the seizure.

After the British Columbia RCMP kept reporting that government-distributed “safer supply” opioids were showing up in drug busts, a leaked memo has emerged in which the province’s Mounties were allegedly told to step carefully around ‘hot button issues,‘” writes Tristin Hopper in her article for the National Post.

RCMP officials have been advised if they seized government-supplied drugs during their arrest, they are not to address it but to forward any queries about the government-supplied drugs to RCMP HQ.

After the news of this memo was released, the RCMP insisted it was not a gag order. However, with BC officials publicly stating there is no evidence that dealers are selling government-supplied safe drugs, others are not convinced.

The problem may stem back to statements made by an RCMP official earlier this year.

“Organized crime groups are actively involved in the redistribution of safe supply and prescription drugs,” said RCMP Corporal Jennifer Cooper in a March interview with the National Post.

“It might mean how we regulate our safe supply might need a sober second glance,” Cooper continued.

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