Christian teachers fled California to start anti-woke online K-12 school in Florida

A Christian couple, Joshua and Kali Fontanilla, quit their teaching jobs in California in 2021 and moved to Florida to start what they describe as an anti-woke, school, the Daily Mail reports.

They wanted to counter the politicization taking place in schools across America. Their online school called, the Exodus Institute, teaches traditional American values to those from kindergarten to grade 12.

When they started in 2022, they only had one student. Today, the school, with its motto ‘Exist Public Education,’ has over 200 students enrolled in its K-12 program.

“It’s gotten to the point in public schools where you can’t just mind your own business and keep your politics to yourself because they push it on everyone that you have to participate in liberal politics,” Joshua told the Daily Mail.

In explaining their decision to start the school, Kali said that a lot changed from when she first started teaching over 20 years ago.

“There are a lot of things teachers didn’t have to face at that time.” Kali, 41, said.

“There wasn’t pressure to put pronouns in your bio, or in your email [signature]… there wasn’t pressure to ask your students about their pronouns. There weren’t co-workers claiming their white privilege.”

She added that both she and her husband are mixed race, and the school began to focus on their color. She was even given a mask with the words, ‘Black Educators Matter’ written on it, which was a political statement.

“I don’t want to be recognized for my skin color, I want to be recognized for the work I have done as a teacher in the classroom,” Kali added.

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