Far-right MEPs set to outnumber EPP in next Parliament – POLITICO

The European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and Identity and Democracy (ID) — the two main right-wing groupings — are on course for a total of 144 seats.

There are also other parties in the mix, such as Alternative for Germany, which is projected to win 16 seats, and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz, which is in line for 10. France’s Reconquest is polling at five seats, Poland’s Konfederacja at six and Bulgaria’s pro-Kremlin Revival party at three.

That takes the projection of far-right MEPs to 184.


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How those far-right MEPs will coalesce after the election is still up in the air.

France’s Marine Le Pen (National Rally) has been courting Italy PM Giorgia Meloni to form a far-right super-group in the Parliament and become one of Europe’s leading political families. The National Rally is projected to become the top national party in the ID group, while Meloni’s Brothers of Italy are on track to become the largest national party in the ECR.

Meloni has said she’s open to cooperating with any parties on the right, but she has also received an offer to team up with von der Leyen’s EPP. Only last week, Alternative for Germany was thrown out of ID to great fanfare.

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