Father’s Day: where to take your dad for a slap-up dinner in London

Fast becoming my new favourite way to refer to my father, D Grande is the creation of two Texans who came to London and were disappointed by our then-terrible Tex-Mex scene. Having made their home in Chiswick, they set about redressing it; first, by pointing out that Tex-Mex is its own cuisine, not just bad Mexican; second, by serving up burritos, fajitas and enchiladas that trump anything any Londoner will have tried, unless they’ve actually been to the Dallas. This is fun food to chat and laugh over alongside frozen margaritas (which originated in Dallas), to the backdrop of country music and a genial clatter.  The menu is extensive but well executed, and more libertarian than you might expect of Texan joint, with plenty of scope to be vegan, dry and gluten-free. 

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