Former Wiccan, Jenny Weaver, baptizes 2,000 in a fountain over the weekend

US Navy personnel being Water Baptized in the Jordan River, Israel in 2014
Credit: US Navy Seaman Phylicia Hanson, Wikipedia, Public Domain

This past weekend, thousands of people stated their lives were transformed by a mass baptism that took place in a water fountain in Texas, CBN reports.

Jenny Weaver, a former Wiccan, baptized an estimated 2,000 people in a water fountain outside Trinity Church based in Cedar Hill, Texas on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Back in March, God spoke to Weaver about participating in a coming revival which would include a ‘summer of baptisms’ as she baptized 200 people on Easter Sunday on a Florida beach.

The Texas service, which lasted five hours, even featured people in wheelchairs being lowered into the fountain to be baptized.

“Lowering people in the water who were in wheelchairs and they wanted to get baptized like this sweet woman right here! The power of God was moving so strong for these baptisms … I’ll never forget this,” Weaver posted on social media.

There were also reports of hundreds of people getting saved during the service and others being filled with the Holy Spirit.

“We experienced Acts 2 yesterday at the Dallas Baptisms at Trinity Church with Jenny Weaver. God poured out His Spirit on His sons & daughters. Salvation. Repentance. Healings. Much deliverance,” one person in attendance commented.

Weaver told Fox News, that she plans to hold baptism services throughout the summer.

“The plan is to go to as many places and allow people from all over to come and get baptized,” Weaver said. “People are wanting hope. People are desperate for a change and we believe they will find that in Jesus.”

Weaver, a former Wiccan, was homeless and living on the streets when her life was transformed by faith in Christ.

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