GD’s fingernail analysis comes back “negative” for drugs

Article[Comprehensive] G-Dragon, National Forensic Service test results for nails came out… Third result negative for drugs?

Source: Sports Chosun

Detailed exams of G-Dragon‘s fingernails have also been released.

Last week, the National Institute of Forensic Science notified police of detailed analysis results of G-Dragon’s fingernails and toenails. In relation to this, police stated, “It’s difficult to confirm the matter as it’s currently under investigation.”

According to police on the 21st, recent notifications from the National Forensic Service also stated that a detailed analysis of G-Dragon’s fingernails resulted in a “negative” result for drugs.

A police official stated, “We kept waiting for the results so we called the National Forensic Service first. We cannot reveal results of the analysis.”

Police plan to secure additional evidence to prove the charges against G-Dragon such as examining CCTV footage of entertainment bar venues rather than obtaining statements.

Additional source: Sports Chosun

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