Has the Temple Institute chosen the individual who will make the Red Heifer sacrifice?

The Western Wall in Jerusalem, with the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock in the background.
Credit: Laura Siegal, unsplash.com

A recent photo published on the Temple Institute’s Facebook page has many speculating that a man has been selected to sacrifice one of the red heifers brought to Israel from Texas in 2022, Charisma News reports.

The photo is of a young man standing outside the pen where the red heifers are being housed comes with the caption, “A KOHEN FIT TO PERFORM THE RED HEIFER CEREMONY!”

The ash from the red heifer sacrifice is necessary for the purification ritual for priests working in the Temple (Numbers 19:1-11), and according to Jewish tradition are to be sacrificed at the age of three.

The post goes on to explain that this individual, along with others, met the criteria for being accepted as a priest. The Temple Institute adds that it looks for the highest level of purity when deciding on its priests, and this includes never having been in contact with a dead person.

This individual met these criteria by having been born at home and having “never set foot in a hospital or cemetery” (see Numbers 19:11-13).

Those working in the temple must be from the tribe of Levi, but the priests performing the actual sacrifices, called kohens, must be direct descendants of Israel’s first high priest, Aaron.

The heifers brought from Texas have come of age and one of them will need to be sacrificed sometime this year before it turns four.

There have only been nine red heifer sacrifices in Israel’s history, as the ashes are stored for future ritual purification rites.

Many have speculated that the sacrifice could take place in a matter of weeks, perhaps even before the Jewish Passover which runs from April 22 to April 30, this year.

However, there were hints in the April 3, Temple Institute post, that this sacrifice may not happen as soon as many are expecting as it adds if the individual accepts the role, “he will undergo intense instruction and training.”

Even if the red heifer sacrifice takes place sometime this year, there are still major hurdles to overcome for the construction of a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Nevertheless, many are convinced it is a necessary step paving the way for Christ’s second coming, as seen in many of the comments in response to the post.

Ralph writes: “What a blessing he will have. Preparing the way for the arrival of the Messiah. The whole world better pay attention before it eternally to late.”

Ay Jo writes: “Incredible that we are now in a time that the third temple is soon to be built!! Is there a date that this sacrifice will take place? I have looked and can’t find any.”

However, as I have stated previously, I am not convinced, that the building of a third Temple is a necessary preparatory step for Christ’s return:

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