“He’s a very special guy”: Barron Trump makes campaign debut at Florida rally

Barron Trump stole some of the spotlight from his dad on Tuesday, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd at a rally in Florida. 

“What a young man,” the former president said of his youngest — now a West Palm Beach Oxbridge Academy graduate — who has largely avoided the media spotlight. “He’s a very special guy.” 

Bragging that Barron will be headed to college in the fall, having gained acceptance to “every college he wanted to,” Trump jumped quickly from praise to what could be viewed as a “Hunger Games” of emotional manipulation, suggesting that Barron is now his most popular son.

“You know, I’m not allowed to call them boy, but he is my boy,” Trump said. “They’re all my boys, right? You have sons, they could be any age . . . they’re your boy. They’re always gonna be.”

Pointing Barron out in the crowd so he could stand up for everyone, Trump continued with, “You’re pretty popular. You might be more popular than Don and Eric. We gotta talk about his.”

Having previously been selected by the Florida GOP as an at-large delegate at the July Republican National Convention, Barron backed out stating “prior commitments.”   

“He had such a nice easy life, now it’s a little bit changed,” Trump said of his son’s first campaign appearance this week.  

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