‘Holy Spirit, Come’ or ‘God is Already Here’

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“…and the power of the lord was present to heal them.” 
Luke 5:17

By Andrew Hopkins

Lately, I’ve been seeing some posts about the phrase “Holy Spirit, come” and how it is wrong theology to pray because God is omnipresent. If He’s everywhere at all times, then why ask Him to come? The reality is, God is always omnipresent, but He’s not always manifestly present.

In fact, He’s not always welcome everywhere. But when He is manifest and He is welcome, amazing things take place. Not that He doesn’t move in places of resistance – because He does. But as seen demonstrated in the life of Jesus, a place that welcomes Him receives much more than those who don’t. 

The controversy comes up around songs or prayers like the well-known worship song “HOLY SPIRIT” where the Holy Spirit is welcome to come and flood the atmosphere. John Wimber and Lonnie Frisbee seemed to coin the phrase “Come, Holy Spirit” in the vineyard movement years ago.

One popular worship ministry posted not too long ago a “reality check” with the phrasing “Holy Spirit come: the Holy Spirit is already here.” And in the last few weeks, I’ve seen memes posted about the same idea. (Granted, they are meme pages, but nevertheless, the comment section tells where people stand on this…and too many people are showing their theology doesn’t make room for pursuing the manifest presence of God!)

Here are some thoughts on this:

The manifest presence of God is what we’re after!

Yes! Of course, God is omnipresent. He is everywhere at all times! But He isn’t always manifestly present.

It’s when he manifests Himself that lives are marked forever.

Just a small sampling:

  • Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden literally walked with god.

  • Enoch walked with God…and then was not.

  • Abraham was visited by God.

  • Moses at the burning bush…and on the mountain.

  • All of Israel had God manifest in a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day…for 40 years.

  • Isaiah saw the lord high and lifted up.

  • Ezekiel had visions of God.

  • Jesus had the heavens open and God spoke audibly and the Holy Spirit descended and remained upon Him.

  • Paul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus.

  • John encountered Jesus on the island of Patmos.

Honestly, what follower of Jesus wouldn’t want to encounter him?

David said in Psalm 22:3 that God would dwell in the midst of praise. He would set up His throne on our praise. How fitting is it, then, to say to God, “Holy Spirit, you are welcome here!” It’s like we’re saying, “Yes, God! Come and do what You said You would do!”

He’s not welcome everywhere

Truth is, the Holy Spirit isn’t welcomed everywhere…and not honored either. It shouldn’t be so!

1 Thessalonians 5:19 says, “Do not quench the Spirit.” the word quench means to suppress or stifle, to put out a fire. When you want a fire to burn, you make sure it’s got enough oxygen and wood to keep it going! You don’t want to extinguish the fire of the Spirit and be stuck with cold religion!

Jesus went to his hometown of Nazareth but was dishonored. Because of their lack of faith, He could do no mighty miracles there (Mark 6:1-6). Another time in the same city, the people in the synagogue (i.e. the church people, not the heathens) were so upset at Him that they tried to throw Him off a cliff! (see Luke 4:28-29)

It’s the same today! Some places are so cold, dead, dry, and religious, that their lack of honor for the Holy Spirit is causing them to have church without Jesus! Can that even happen? Yes! It happened in Laodicea. Jesus had to actually knock on the door and say if you let me in…(Rev. 3:20)


When the Holy Spirit manifests in power, you might feel a bit out of your comfort zone. Your plans may need to be modified. Your brain won’t understand it all. But your life will be changed! He will draw you to Jesus and transform your life. He’s a river, so let Him flow. Welcome, Him to do what He wants to do! He is God!

So yes, He is omnipresent. But not always welcome. I’d rather not try to have church in my own strength and plans. I want God to have his rightful place and reign as king. When the Holy Spirit is welcome, Jesus fully reigns as king in our midst.

Encounter sustains relationship

Honestly, what good relationship in life does not have encounters? You romance your spouse, you play with your kids, you talk with your friends…you encounter the living God! That’s how relationships are sustained.

It’s said all the time that Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship. But if we take encounters out of the picture, we’re left with a dead religion and a textbook. 

God still speaks through his word!

God still gives visions and dreams!

God still does miracles!

God still encounters people!

God still manifests his presence!

This is the gospel that John preached:

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the word of life.” 1 John 1:1 (NIV)

A God they could hear, could see, could touch. Granted, they literally walked with the man Christ Jesus, but the principle remains the same. The potency of our message will come from the reality of our relationship.

Jesus didn’t die to start a dead religion! God wants to manifest Himself to people! He wants you to experience His tangible reality. He wants a relationship with you.

So please stop the theology that stifles people from pursuing the manifest presence of God. Do you have to use the phrase “Come, Holy Spirit” every time? No. But you should seek his presence! 

In fact, when the bible says to seek God’s face, the Hebrew word for “face” is also translated as “presence.” They are synonymous. I think that’s enough Biblical permission to seek the very manifest presence of god. 

Seek the Lord and his strength; 
seek his face evermore!” Psalm 105:4


Andrew Hopkins is a preacher, teacher, prophetic worship leader, and author. He has a passion for the gospel, revival, equipping the saints, and seeing God move in supernatural ways. He heads up his own itinerant ministry, Breaker Ministries, and is an associate with Elisha Revolution led by Jerame and Miranda Nelson. Andrew and his wife, Rochelle, have two boys and live in Southern California. Website: www.Breakerministries.com

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