Holy Spirit on the move again, resulting in water baptisms in the back of pickup trucks at the University of Georgia

Credit: Sara Hamza, unsplash.com

Over the past year, we have seen the Holy Spirit moving on several university campuses across the US, resulting in hundreds of people being saved.

But perhaps, one of the more intriguing spin-offs has been the number of students also getting water baptized.

We have seen people being spontaneously water baptized at a lake at Alabama’s Auburn University and more recently in the water fountain at Florida State University.

But certainly, this next story may top the list of unusual baptisms as dozens of people were baptized in tanks located in the back of pickup trucks at the University of Georgia on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, CBN reports.

The university, which is based in St. Athens, GA, has a student population of just over 40,000.

Between 7,000 and 8,000 students attended the faith event held at Stegeman Coliseum led by Jennie Allen and Jonathan Pokluda.

Allen founded IF:Gathering and Pokluda pastors Harris Creek Baptist church in Waco, Texas. Allen has been organizing faith events, called Unite, at University campuses across the US since 2023.

During the University of Georgia meeting, Allen asked if anyone in the crowd wanted to ’embrace Jesus’ and dozens of people actually stood up stating they desired to become Christians.

At previous events, Allen admitted they had been caught off guard when students expressed interest in being water baptized as part of their declaration of faith.

Allen said at Auburn, it all started when a young girl texted her at the event stating she wanted to be baptized. When they publicly asked if others were interested, dozens put up their hands. Of course, they needed to find a location and decided that the best place to do it was at a nearby lake on campus.

This time, however, they were prepared and had arranged for four pickup trucks with baptismal tanks on board in case there was a similar interest at the University of Georgia meeting.

“We found a public parking lot, and we got four pickup trucks,” Allen explained. “And we were baptizing kids in four pickup trucks … all these fraternity guys are watching from their decks. … It’s just insane.”

According to one Instagram post, hundreds gathered at a parking lot outside the Fiji fraternity house to watch their fellow students get water baptized.

Allen summed up the night in an Instagram post, writing, “Insane night at University of Georgia! Once again! He is moving!!!!”

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