How We Test Air Purifiers – Video

Speaker 1: Can an air purifier help reduce dust inside the home? Let’s find out. We begin by recreating a very dusty environment inside our air purifier test chamber. As maxar drywall sand, the block and sugar a container full of sand, our particle counter continuously gauges the constitution of particles in the air. Inside the chamber, we can see how the number on the screen rises dramatically. Then we turn the air purifier on and watch it work its magic. Almost immediately, the concentration of dust particles in the air begins to decrease. As we can see in this graph, it only took this air purifier [00:00:30] unit roughly three minutes to get the air back to breathable conditions. That is from 900 million to under 10 million total particles per cubic meter. Air purifiers achieved this by pulling air from their surroundings and forcing it through a series of filters, removing impurities from the air, such as dust particles, and recirculating the now cleaner air back to ambient. So yes, air purifiers do help remove dust from your home.

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