Is Blackpink YG’s only “hope” for survival in harsh K-pop industry?

Article: Yang Hyun-suk ‘laughed’… YG stocks soar on news of Blackpink’s contract renewal

Source: Joongang Ilbo

YG Entertainment has renewed group contracts with all Blackpink members. 

On the 6th, YG officially announced, “After careful discussions with Blackpink, we have signed an exclusive contract for group’s activities based on deep trust.” Accordingly, Blackpink plans to release a new album with YG’s support and embark on a large-scale world tour again.

YG Executive Producer Yang Hyun-suk stated, “We are happy to continue our relationship with Blackpink who will continue to do their best to shine even brighter in the global music market as an artist representing not only our company but also K-pop. We will send our unwavering support and faith in their activities.”

Following news of the contract renewal, YG’s stock price soared 22% to 59,000 won from the previous trading day. At one point, it even reached 61,900 won.  

However, the announcement is only a renewal of exclusive contracts to continue “group” activities. It’s understood that discussions are still underway on whether each member will sign a solo contract. A company official stated, “The individual exclusive contract is still under discussion and will be announced once it’s confirmed.”

Investors who were thirsty for members’ contract renewals however cheered the announcement of group activities. In various sports discussion forums and portals, many stated, “unni-deul, thank you..” “why did I think you’d sell us out.. ” “worth the wait..” “I’ll have a good lunch at the hotel now..” 

Yoo Seung-man, an analyst at Leading Investment & Securities stated, “Since their 7-year contract expired, individual renewal rates were bound to be unfavorable for members. Considering this, the worst thing that could happen is not signing an exclusive contract for group activities. But we can consider this avoided. However, since the stock price was almost halved, it’s expected that it’ll be difficult to make up for all the losses with this contract renewal.”

  1. [+525, -35] Yang Hyun Suk is still head CEO.. so f*cking absurd really.
  2. [+273, -44] They realized it too. It would’ve been a disaster if the group disbanded. 
  3. [+173, -11] YG’s only hope is Blackpink..
  4. [+130, -6] Is Yang Hyun-suk bread? [a staple/needed]
  5. [+88, -12] At this time he should be trying to wash away even a little of his sins by donating a huge amount to charity like Park Jin-young is doing.. 
  6. [+85, -2] It’s because of Blackpink that he was able to meet the King of England.
  7. [+37, -5] Lisa is probably pissed she had to renew her contract? I wonder if things aren’t going well with her Louis Vuitton chaebol heir? 
  8. [+35, -0] He tried recreating things with Babymonster or whatever but it didn’t work..he’s going to push Blackpink.
  9. [+29, -6] Who cares what this thug criminal thinks?
  10. [+16, -1] Eh, they probably realized they wouldn’t be popular if they went their separate ways.. they’re only popular as a team.
  11. [+16, -2] Was there really a need to take back Lisa? She’s probably pissed she had to renew her contract because she’s under crackdown right now? YG is always at risk except with music. 
  12. [+14, -5] Blackpink-ssi, you should be grateful to the agency that raised you. 

Additional source: Hankyung

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