Nearly 70% of Americans believe Jesus rose from the dead, poll finds

Stained-glass window portraying the resurrection of Jesus in the Berlin Cathedral, Germany
Credit: Wolfgang Sauber, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

According to a recent Scott Rasmussen National Survey poll conducted on March 20 and 21, 2024, nearly 70% of Americans believe that Jesus rose for the dead, the Daily Signal reports.

In addition, to the 68% who believe in the resurrection of Christ, the poll also found that 83% of those surveyed believed that Jesus lived and walked on the earth. This sharply compared to only 5% who believed that Jesus was just a myth.

When asked if they planned to attend a church service on Easter Sunday, 49% responded that it was ‘very likely’ this would happen, with 23% adding that it was ‘somewhat likely.’ Twenty-six percent stated that they definitely or probably would not be attending a church service.

The survey also asked individuals about their prayer life and found:

  • 45% prayed every or nearly every day
  • 21% stated that they pray several times during the week,
  • 7% said that they prayed at least once a week,
  • 6% stated that they pray less than once a week, and
  • 18% said that they rarely or never pray

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