New Jeans rumored to leave HYBE over “Min Hee-jin” scandal

Article: “HYBE Min Hee-jin situation confirmed”

Source: Pann

I’ll go back and organize the content to be more accurate. 

+ Min Hee-jin’s position has also been added

1. HYBE has confirmed the circumstances in which ADOR personnel, led by Min Hee-jin, attempted to seize management rights to become independent

2. HYBE has confirmed the situation at ADOR, have gathered board members and demand to convene a general shareholders’ meeting + began the audit

3. Letter sent to Min Hee-jin asking her to resign

4. Facts revealed during audit

4-1. New Jeans members’ personal information (pre-debut pictures, health status, etc.) leaked to outside parties

4 -2. Created negative public opinion about other HYBE artists (reverse viral)

4-3. Approached New Jeans parents to persuade them to become independent

4-4. Deputy CEO A leaked trade secrets and company information obtained during his time at HYBE to Min Hee-jin (Mr. A is called Min Hee-jin’s right-hand man)

1. Regarding the takeover of management rights, she said it was ‘absurd’

2. In March of this year It is claimed that ‘ILLIT’, a BELIFT idol that debuted, copied New Jeans, and that Chairman Bang Si-hyuk watched and led this.

2-1. ILLIT copied New Jeans in all areas, from hair to makeup, costumes, choreography, photography (composition), video, and event appearances

2-2. Chairman Bang Si-hyuk produced ILLIT’s debut album, it’s not Belift Lab’s sole act (=implying that HYBE is also responsible)

2-3. She raised an issue about this, but was ignored and only heard excuses.

3. HYBE suddenly announced that they would unilaterally suspend and dismiss her duties today.

4. The content regarding the takeover of management rights is a media play by HYBE. 

5. Her legal rep released publication of this statement and New Jeans members also agree.

No one is refuting or demanding explanations for #4 from HYBE’s position above. 

  1. [+639, -77] In short, Min Hee-jin was caught trying to stab HYBE in the back. I’m glad she got caught now ㅋㅋㅋ. She planned to take New Jeans out for no reason and was too late with her coup. New Jeans did nothing wrong but they’re getting punished and ruined for no reason. It’s a good thing things exploded at this point and she got caught before she could do anything. New Jeans is a HYBE idol anyway, not Min Hee-jin’s property. She did something pointless and ended up losing New Jeans. Min Hee-jin should just crawl out from HYBE as quickly as possible now.. that’s the best thing she can do for herself now 
  2. [+513, -58] Another article just came out saying that Min Hee-jin not only leaked HYBE secrets but she also leaked the personal information of New Jeans members.. she’s seriously trash… kick her out from managing New Jeans! She even leaked the health condition of the members!? I heard rumors of her doing shady things but seriously I’m glad it all exploded now! She almost ruined New Jeans.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Min Hee-jin-ssi, quietly exit HYBE now you won’t be in charge of New Jeans anymore..
  3. [+446, -52] Looking at the current situation, looks like Min Hee-jin won’t be able to return to HYBE no matter how much she bends.. more than 80% of ADOR New Jeans shares are in HYBE’s pocket anyway. Min Hee-jin is in a situation where she’ll lose New Jeans and her career now because of this scandal.. Min Hee-jin ssi, just give it up it now 
  4. [+400, -48] Looks like New Jeans fans are cutting off Min Hee-jin already.. she really made a huge mistake ha ha.. she got greedy for no reason and lost everything.. well HYBE must be really pissed at her now that’s why they’re trying to cut her off quickly..they need to kick her out so that she doesn’t influence New Jeans anymore.. Min Hee-jin, this scandal happened because of your excessive greed..
  5. [+357, -35] There are rumors of New Jeans leaving HYBE too? First off, New Jeans is not Min Hee-jin’s property.. they’re just an idol that belongs to HYBE.. they owned 80% shares from the beginning. What does New Jeans have to do with this situation?? They have a contract with HYBE and New Jeans belongs to HYBE, she can’t just take out New Jeans however she wants.. once she’s kicked out they’ll have a new CEO take over anyway. It’s impossible for New Jeans to leave with her. I don’t think I’ve heard the members wanted to follow Min Hee-jin out. the issue isn’t New Jeans right now but Min Hee-jin.. if she wants to survive at all costs she has to crawl out of HYBE now.. she has no choice.
  6. [+282, -7] When she left SM she claimed she wanted to rest but joined HYBE.. that’s her true character and the type of person she is
  7. [+282, -11] I have to admit, her planning ability is seriously jjang ㅋㅋbut she got too greedy.. she really used HYBE’s capital without shame and acts like she succeeded through her own efforts..
  8. [+261, -10 Just look at her interviews, she’s openly ignoring the HYBE money she took and treats the company like sh*t.. when she debuted New Jeans with title of BTS’ junior girl group under a HYBE’s channel with 70 million subs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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