New York and New Jersey were rocked by ‘an ancient crack in the Earth’s crust’ on Friday. Is it a sign of the times?

New York Times Square, 2020 Credit: Victor He,

Study Finds is a website that keeps people in touch with the latest research from around the world. There was recently a curious article on the site that may be just a sign of the times.

The article entitled, Did You Feel That? What To Do When An Earthquake Strikes, provided a list of dos and don’ts should an earthquake hit your area.

It seems that earthquakes are starting to trend, and the publishers felt that this article would not only be of interest to its readers but also provide helpful information.

Perhaps, it is no coincidence that the writer, Chris Melore, just happens to be from New York.

Unlike California, New York is not known as an earthquake zone, at least it wasn’t until 2024. This year, New York City and the area including New Jersey have been hit with two earthquakes.

The first took place on Jan. 2, 2024, when the region was shaken by a relatively minor, 1.7 magnitude earthquake. There were no injuries and deaths and no significant damage.

But then New York and New Jersey were hit again by another earthquake on Friday, April 5, 2024. This one was 4.8 magnitude, and it caught everyone’s attention, stopping traffic and air flights.

It was the largest earthquake to hit the area since 1884.

It was followed by 30 tremors, with warnings that more were probably on the way. Again there were fortunately no injuries or deaths, but there was structural damage with buildings, including one school, being closed down for inspection due to cracked walls.

“Though researchers expect earthquakes to happen ‘anytime, anywhere,’” wrote New York Post writer, Deirdre Bardolf, “it is a rare occurrence for New Jersey, which doesn’t lie on an active plate boundary.”

Though New Jersey and New York are apparently not near any fault lines, that are caused by two or more active tectonic plates pushing against each other, the area sits on what is described as “an ancient crack in the Earth’s crust.”

Coincidentally, while New York and the area are not on a path that will experience a total blackout from the eclipse that will take place tomorrow, Monday, April 8, 2024, 89% of the sun will be blocked out.

The Bible warned that earthquakes, see Matthew 24:7, (and even eclipses) were going to become a thing in the end days leading up to Christ’s second return. So I would expect more articles on things we need to do to prepare for them.

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