Nicolas Cage to star in a horror movie about the Jesus’ childhood

Nicolas Cage at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con
Credit: Gerald Geronimo, Wikipedia, Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Popular Hollywood actor, Nicolas Cage, will be starring in what is being described as a horror movie about the early childhood of Jesus, Church Leaders reports.

The movie, called The Carpenter’s Son, will be based on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, a second-century pseudo-gospel purported to be about Christ’s childhood. The apocryphal book is not part of the Biblical canon.

It is believed that Cage, 60, will play the role of Joseph in the movie. According to Deadline, Jesus, who is referred to only as the Boy, and his family, are living in Egypt after fleeing Herod.

“[Jesus] is driven to doubt by another mysterious child and rebels against his guardian, the Carpenter, revealing inherent powers and a fate beyond his comprehension,” the movie’s synopsis explains. “As he exercises his own power, the Boy and his family become the target of horrors, natural and divine.”

The movie will start filming this summer.

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