Prayer results in a four-year-old boy’s heart suddenly restarting after it had quit beating for 14 hours

He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds
.” (Psalm 147:3 ESV)

Towards the end of April 2024, a four-year-old boy, Cartier McDaniel, was rushed to a children’s hospital in Aurora, Colorado after experiencing chill and fatigue, the Western Journal reports.

His parents took him to the emergency when his breathing became erratic and by the time, they arrived at the hospital, Cartier had passed out.

He was initially diagnosed with Strep A, which quickly transformed into Sepsis, a dangerous bacterial infection that can lead to organs shutting down.

What followed can only be explained as a miracle.

Minutes after Cartier arrived, his heart stopped beating and doctors were forced to put him on life support.

When CPR did not revive his heart, Cartier was hooked up to an ECMO machine, which is used during open-heart surgery to keep an individual’s blood oxygenated as they operate on the person’s heart.

As he was kept alive by the ECMO, doctors repeatedly tried to restart Cartier’s heart over the next 13 hours, without success.

As the hours ticked by, there was a growing concern, that Cartier’s heart would not restart.

“The longer the time period the heart isn’t beating, the more concerned we are that it’s not going to restart,” said Dr. Aline Maddux in an interview with KDVR.

As they passed the 13th heart, the parents were preparing for the worst. The family had actually gathered at the hospital to say their last goodbyes to Cartier.

It was at this final hour, that Cartier’s father, Dominque, announced that the family needed to pray.

“It’s time to go talk to God. It’s time to talk to the man upstairs,” Dominique told the KDVR, a Denver Fox News affiliate. “Let them see who you are. Jesus, come now.”

The family members held hands and prayed for a miracle.

Then the most incredible thing happened, while there had been several failed attempts to restart Cartier’s heart in the previous 14 hours, without outside intervention, Cartier’s heart miraculously started beating on its own.

Even the doctors were shocked by this unexpected turn of events.

“His heart just restarted,” Dr. Maddux said. “That was really an incredible thing that occurred.”

The doctors admitted that they had never seen anything like this happen before.

“God got the last say,” Dominique told KDVR. “I know that God is real. I’m a firm believer in Jesus Christ.”

As Tayla Cumming stated in her article for KDVR, “A miracle of modern medicine or a miracle from a higher power? No matter what you believe, the recovery story of Cartier McDaniel is nothing short of amazing.”

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