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Caracciolo’s copy of the original Jacob’s Dream by Jose Ribera, depicting angels ascending and descending Jacob’s ladder to heaven recorded in Genesis 28. Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain

As we study the Bible, we read that God often spoke to people through dreams, and recently Vlad and Lana Savchuk produced a video providing some guidance on dreams, Charisma News reports.

First, they warned that not all dreams are from God.

In the book of Joel, we read that dreams are frequently associated with an outpouring of God’s Spirit (Joel 2:28-32). While this is true, it is also important to realize that not every dream is from God.

“Jude 8 actually talks about false prophets who are deceiving people through their dreams and God was clearly warning people concerning dreamers who had these dreams,” Vlad stated.

“False prophets can deceive through dreams. We have to be very careful that we believe every single dream that people give especially negative dreams that come true because that could be operating from the spirit of divination,” Vlad noted.

Dreams can provide deliverance

The second thing they pointed out is that God can provide deliverance through dreams, as Lana shared how her healing started through an intense dream she had.

“I believe that the Lord was beginning that process of deliverance,” Lana stated. “I know that a lot of people actually have these kinds of experiences, and they are not just dreams. They’re actually deliverance that is taking place in those people’s lives.”

Dreams can provide guidance

Lana also spoke of how dreams can provide ministry guidance and shared how a dream about ministering and praying for people to be delivered paved the way for her move into full-time ministry.

Dreams similarly guided the Apostle Paul’s ministry when he dreamed of a man calling him to come minister in Macedonia (Acts 16:9-15).

Dreams can provide warnings

As we study the Bible, one thing that I noticed was the number of times that God communicated warnings through dreams.

The Egyptian Pharaoh received a warning dream about an upcoming famine (Genesis 41) and King Nebuchadnezzar similarly received a warning dream that troubled him (Daniel 2).

Abimilech was warned in a dream that Sarah was Abraham’s wife (Genesis 20:3).

Pilate’s wife received a warning dream about the innocence of Christ (Matthew 27:19).

There were also warning dreams connected with Christ’s birth. Joseph was warned in a dream to go to Egypt (Matthew 2:13) and the magi were warned in a dream not to visit Herod on their return home (Matthew 2:12).

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