Russell Brand discusses water baptism and churches in a recent Instagram post

Russell Brand, YouTube Capture

In a recent Instagram post, actor Russell Brand asked for advice on what church to attend and also had questions on water baptism, as he was considering that as well, the Christian Post reports.

Brand has starred in several movies and is also a popular podcaster with 6.8 million followers on YouTube and over 1.8 million followers on Rumble.

Brand, 48, who is facing numerous allegations of historical sexual assault, has indicated an increased interest in Jesus and the Christian faith since December 2023, when announcing he had started reading the Bible.

Though he didn’t provide specific details in his most recent video, it appears he is taking an Alpha course at the Church of England. But was wondering about other denominations including the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic and asked what the difference was.

He has been attending different churches and mentioned that one of his favorites was a Baptist church, that he had attended in the US.

“The Baptist church was the best church experience I’ve ever had! Very exciting, so connected 🥰(I felt like my soul was really took care of.🥹) This baptist church was/is in southern Mississippi… It gets hot, heavy and emotional,” Brand said.

Brand then turned the discussion to water baptism with his 3.9 million Instagram followers.

“Did you get baptized as an adult? Would you do it in a river? Would you do it in a font? Do you want to get fully under there? Because, me, I want River Jordan or River Thames, at worst. I want proper plunging,” Brand asked.

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