Sex? In the Bible? Where?

So, I’m writing about sex, on the Easter weekend. Seriously, this is a topic that we all need to understand. With people that I know, probably the most destructive fire that we can light is our sexual behavior. I won’t tell the stories, but we all know someone who brought trouble into their life, through this door. About half a century ago, pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics were developed, and tested. These medications could cure some incurable sexually transmitted diseases. Imagine living in a world where an infection like syphilis could destroy a life, including brain damage and mental illness. Apparently, the famous gangster Al Capone suffered from the severe effects of that disease and died in that state. I had a friend, when I was young, who was born blind. His eyes never could function because his mother had syphilis when he was born, and her disease infected and damaged his eyes, in the birth canal. This was as terrible to see as it sounds. About the same time that antibiotics were developed, medical science …

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