Skillet frontman, John Cooper, facing death threats over the title of his book

John Cooper performing with Skillet in 2017
Credit: Royalbroil, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Things are definitely taking a negative turn for Christians in America, and it was perhaps best demonstrated by comments made by John Cooper in an episode of ‘Politically Rude,’ hosted by Abby Johnson, Church Leaders reports.

Cooper, who is the lead singer for the Christian rock band, Skillet, recently published a book in November 2023 entitled, “Wimpy, Weak, and Woke: How Truth Can Save America From Utopian Destruction.”

The book focuses on the “philosophies behind utopian dreams that become dystopian nightmares, and presents a positive vision for how we can thrive and flourish.”

The book states that man’s solutions will not cure the raging ails of the world, and only God is the solution.

In an interview with Church Leaders, Cooper added that the trouble started long before the book was printed and actually began when he released the title of the book.

Initially, it resulted in “absolute hate and cussing” and people telling him to “go to hell.” This would have been fine because Cooper is used to this type of hate because of how vocal he is about his Christian worldview.

However, it quickly escalated and people began sending images to Cooper of “super vulgar, demonic pornographic stuff,” which even included Jesus in the pictures.

These vile images were also posted on his social media feeds and in the comment sections of pages associated with the promotion of the book.

It got so bad that one Christian network contacted Cooper and suggested that he should start blocking some of these posters.

From there it escalated to death threats, with people even sending him images of his home stating that they knew where he lived. His daughter was even targeted.

“It was a spiritual warfare thing, because I’ve said a lot more volatile things that would rile people up than just the name of this book,” Cooper told Church Leaders.

Obviously, the intent was to intimidate Cooper and force him to back down, but he remains unbowed.

As the culture war heats up, it is something that Christians will increasingly face, particularly if they take a public stand against the current woke narrative.

Out of this will emerge a new breed of Christians, who when attacked by “the great dragon … who is called the devil and Satan,” the Apostle John says that they did not love “their lives even unto death” (Revelation 12:9, 11).

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