Tennessee church sets a record for the number of single-day water baptisms

Painting of 3rd-century water baptism from the Catacombs of San Callisto, Italy
Credit: Wikipedia, Public Domain

It was a record for the most water baptisms recorded in a single day at the First Baptist Church based in Hendersonville, Tennessee, the Christian Post reports.

The church, which has an average Sunday attendance of 3,900 spread over four services, saw 93 people get water baptized:

  • 12 were baptized during its 8:30 service,
  • 27 at its 9:45 services held at two locations, the main church and on campus, and
  • 54 at its main service at 11:00 Am.

According to the Church’s senior pastor, Bruce Raley, perhaps the most significant thing about what happened this past Sunday was that the baptisms were spontaneous.

People were not attending church expecting to be water baptized. However, because they were preaching on the importance of water baptism that morning, the church was prepared in case the Holy Spirit moved.

A satellite city of Nashville, Hendersonville has a population of 62,000.

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