The Holy Spirit performs a miracle in a city park

If I am honest, this is my favorite style of miracle. It is one that didn’t take place in a church or revival service, but rather one that occurs outside the church walls, like in this instance, a city park.

In an Instagram Reel, Pastor Jake Lazar shared the story of a miracle that took place while he was out walking his dog and encountered a man by the name of Jeremy who was also walking his dog.

Sensing a prompting of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Jake struck up a conversation with Jeremy, who served as an officer in the Marines, which led to an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Before they parted ways, Pastor Jake asked if he could pray for Jeremy’s healing, as he was required to wear hearing aids.

Though nothing noticeable seemed to happen at that moment, two weeks later, Pastor Jake was out walking his dog again and ran into Jeremy, who was excited to tell him the news.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, man!” Jeremy exclaimed.

In a shared testimony, Jeremy explained what had happened after Pastor Jake prayed.

“So as Jake’s praying, he said something very specific about my hearing,” Jeremy continued. “Um, and I wore hearing aids… And Saturday evening, was walking my dog. And I noticed that things were just loud, and I went to turn my hearing aids down and realized I didn’t have my hearing aids in. I could hear.”

“I could hear the crunching of my dog’s paws on the grass,” Jeremy said. “I could hear the crickets without my hearing aids.”

“That is a miracle in itself,” Jeremy added.

This miracle took place because Pastor Jake was obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and was willing to take a risk.

Lazar attends Jesus Image Church in Orlando, Florida, and travels equipping local churches around the world.

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