The incredible miracle of a young girl who was just practicing hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit

  • ESPANOL: El increíble milagro de una joven que estaba practicando escuchar la voz del Espíritu Santo

When you read testimonies of someone being healed of an incurable, you expect it would be at the hands of a proven minister, who has been moving in the power of the Holy Spirit for years.

You don’t expect it to be at the hands of a complete stranger who was practicing hearing the voice of God.

Yes, I said “practicing”.

The video of the unnamed woman’s testimony was posted on Kris Vallotton’s YouTube channel. Kris is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. 

After experiencing between 15-45 fainting spells in a day and at times finding it impossible to stand, she went to the Stanford Medical Clinic in August 2016, where she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

It is a rare autoimmune neurological disorder that attacks your nervous system. Though there is no known cure, in most instances, it does clear up on its own, but often many are never really the same after being affected by the disease.

Over the next several months, her condition slowly started to improve, but in January 2017, the disorder returned. This only happens in about 5% of the cases.

All the improvement she had seen in the previous months was wiped away.

“I just felt like somehow a failure,” she said in her interview. “How is this happening to me again? Did I do something wrong?”

“I would feel like is God really real? Is He really there? If He is real? Is He good?” she asked.

In April 2017, she cried out to God saying, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

The next morning, she and her husband decided to go on a coffee date. At this point, she was in a wheelchair.

Shortly after she arrived at the coffee shop, she was approached by a young girl.

“Hi, excuse me. I’m learning to hear the voice of God and I believe God wants me to pray for you, would that be okay?” the girl said.

Of course, she agreed and as soon as the girl started praying, the woman’s right leg started shaking uncontrollably. However, when she tried walking nothing had changed.

After the girl left, she and her husband decided to drive to the park, and while in the vehicle, both her legs started convulsing, uncontrollably.

After that happened, they drove to a parking lot, and she decided to get out of their vehicle and try walking. Incredibly, she was able to do so.

“My legs went exactly where I wanted to for the first time in a year and a half,” she said.

When the woman started running, her husband who was videoing the whole thing broke down crying.

“I get to share that with my daughter, who now has a memory for her entire life of me leaving in a wheelchair, and coming back home and being completely free and able to run,” she said.

It is a powerful testimony, but we are missing the key ingredient of this miracle and that was the young girl who was just learning to hear the voice of God, who prayed for the woman.

She was willing to take that risk and approached a complete stranger because she believed the Holy Spirit was speaking to her.

This is where the miracle started, without this, there would have been no miracle.

Jesus said, “My Sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27).

This tells us two things, that the Holy Spirit is speaking to us, probably more than we realize.

Like that young girl said, she was “learning to hear the voice of God.”

Secondly, there is often a communication breakdown, not on God’s part, but ours. Though we are hearing God’s voice, we are either not identifying it as God’s voice, or are too scared to act on it.

I wonder, how many times the Holy Spirit has spoken to people, including myself, and we failed to act.


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