The majority of Americans and Canadians do not trust the UN, survey finds

UN Headquarters, New York
Credit: Aotearoa, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

According to a poll conducted by the Metropolis Institute and the Association for Canadian Studies, the majority of Americans and Canadians do not trust the UN, the National Post reports.

When asked if they trusted the UN, only 30% of Americans and 38% of Canadians said that they did.

The poll was taken three months after Hamas invaded Israel when the UN faced a barrage of criticism for its failure to condemn the attack.

The survey found that in both countries, the people who leaned left politically had a greater trust in the UN than those who classified themselves as middle of the road or on the right.

In the US, 54 percent of those who self-identified as left trusted the UN, compared to 38% for those who said they were in the center politically and 13.2% who leaned to the right.

In Canada, 53.7% of those who leaned left trusted the UN, compared to 41% of those who identified as centrists and 23.5% of those who leaned right politically.

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