The majority of Americans believe religion is losing its influence in society, poll finds

There may be some good news in a recent poll conducted by Pew Research that discovered most Americans (80%) believe religion is losing its influence in society, the Christian Post reports.

The poll also revealed that most of those who are sensing this also feel uneasy about the change that is taking place. In fact, 49% of Americans actually stated the declining influence of religion is a bad thing and 57% stated that religion had a positive influence on society.

In contrast, only 8% of Americans believe the declining influence of religion in society is a good thing. Unfortunately, this means that a small, but vocal, minority has been able to negatively influence American life by dominating key areas such as politics, entertainment, and mainstream media/social media.

In addition, 48% of Americans believe that ‘some’ or a ‘great deal’ of their religious views are in conflict with socially accepted cultural norms. This percentage reflects the rapid negative changes that have taken place in America since 2020, when only 24% of Americans similarly believed their religious views conflicted with societal norms.

The poll found this rapid change is impacting Christian behavior, as 41% stated they avoided bringing up religion with those who disagree with their beliefs, up from 33% who felt the same way in 2019.

So, you are probably wondering where is the good news in all of this?

Well, it is simply this, true Christianity flourishes best when it’s in a minority position. We see how the Holy Spirit unleashed His power in the early church, as believers turned to God, because of the resistance they were receiving both politically and culturally (Acts 4:29-31).

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