The Power of Testimony, the story of Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson in 2015
Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Many of us underestimate the power of our personal testimony of what Christ has done in our lives, but we can be sure of one thing, Satan doesn’t.

In his vision of the end time, the Apostle John writes that when Satan begins to directly attack believers in the end times, he saw them conquering Satan “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11).

Though the blood of Jesus played a major role in this spiritual battle, so did the believer’s ‘testimony’, which is the Greek word, ‘marturia’. It refers to the testimony that a person gives during an actual judicial trial as evidence, or more generally to any testimony.

In this verse, it refers to the believer’s testimony of what Christ has done in their lives, and it’s this testimony that helped conquer Satan.

We see a demonstration of a testimony’s power, in the life of Phil Robertson, the former Duck Dynasty star.

The Robertson family recently produced a movie, entitled The Blind, which portrays Phil’s remarkable conversion to Christ from a life of addiction to alcohol.

The movie which was released in September 2023 details the tremendous difficulties that Phil’s wife, Kay, had to deal with during the early days of their marriage and then reveals the powerful transformation that took place after his conversion to Christ.

Phil’s addiction not only resulted in him abandoning his family for a time but also resulted in him leaving football and a possible career as an NFL quarterback.

“Phil said, from day one, ‘If it impacts one person, if one person changes their life and gives their life to Jesus, because of my story, because of the darkest parts of my story, I’ll do it. It’ll be worth it,’” said Korie who is married to Phil and Kay’s son, Willie, in an interview with the Christian Post.

The impact of Phil’s testimony has gone far beyond one and well into the thousands.

“I wish we knew how many thousands of people have been baptized in that river right behind Phil and Kay’s house, because Phil loves to baptize people and has done it right there in his backyard for years and years and years,” Korie added.

“People would head straight to the church or head straight to the body of water right after seeing the movie,” Korie said. “One group had like 27 baptisms, and right after the film, everyone just kind of continued and went somewhere [and] worshiped,”

“One woman said her husband had been an alcoholic for 17 years, he never goes to the movies with her,” Korie noted. “She convinced him to come to the movie with her because he loved Phil and our show. He reached over and held her hand for the first time in years while they were watching the movie. I read that and just bawled.”

The Blind stars Aron Von Andrian as Phil and is currently streaming on Great American Pure Flix. It earned over $17 million in theater revenues, including $4.3 million on its opening day, September 28, 2023, when it topped the box office.

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